About Blog Alley

An alley typically leads to an area that can be interesting, but is often obscured. The alley I see from my desk features some cool buildings, like a carriage house, and when the sun hits this one apartment building just right, I can see the sun set in the reflection of its windows. It’s also the scene for regular dramatic and not-so-dramatic acts: the car crashing through my neighbor’s fence on Christmas night, pedestrians fleeing on foot, police floating through in their cruisers, workers going in and out of the Porta John in the yard two houses down, and, of course, the urban wildlife: the yapping dogs; the skulking crows; the kinetic squirrels; and, if we’re lucky, the funky owl and menacing-looking raccoon.

Blog Alley is Church Street Editorial’s virtual place for stuff we find, dramatic or mundane, that is inspiring, newsworthy, creative, helpful, weird, or just plain silly. Check in frequently to see if what we post is up your alley too.