From our vantage point in the nation’s capital and with our multisector, multisubject base of experience, Church Street Editorial is equipped to meet any writing, editing, publishing, or creative content need, whether it’s about a public policy, a piece of legislation, or a message you want to convey in a smart and innovative way. We can write for audiences that are inside the beltway or beyond. Church Street Editorial doesn’t run from complexities; in fact, we embrace the challenge of clearly presenting difficult topics to general audiences.

We’ve written about education and youth programs in the Recovery Act of 2009, and about homeland security, welfare reform, substance abuse, the environment, health care, innovation, grants, and other topics.


We’ve managed policy publications covering congressional and Supreme Court debates, overseen newsletters dealing with criminal justice and the arts, and written reports on green schools and innovation.

We’ve conducted interviews, covered Capitol Hill hearings, and attended press events and conferences for articles on deadline, compiling a huge list of sources along the way.

We’ve transformed dense material into snappy copy that sings about its subject so the reader never misses your point.

We’ve consulted on website redesigns for publishers and small businesses, written direct mail, created flyers and other collateral, crafted special reports, copyedited grant and technical proposals, and revamped outdated publications.

We make our way through dense legislation and federalese and read copious amounts of print and online media and materials to find the opportunities and valuable content your competitors are likely to miss.

We’ve worked with real estate agents and teachers in Florida to enhance their presence on the Web and are helping a Maryland home remodeler present more professional products to clients in print and online.