Church Street Editorial services range from quick turnaround editing projects to ongoing year-round commitments. We already have experience writing about a number of subject areas; what we don’t know already, we research and master quickly. We’ve written about grants, federal legislation, and policies of all kinds, and covered an array of topics of interest to organizations and readers inside and outside the beltway. Some of these services are outlined below, but be sure to CONTACT us directly for specific editorial needs not listed here.

Newswriting & Articles

Reporting and writing on assignment.

Publications & Reports

Copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, and repurposing documents of all kinds, including journals, reports, white papers, and footnoted material.

Copyediting & Proofreading

Short-, medium, or long-term copyediting assignments with an emphasis on extreme accuracy and quick turnaround. Send us your document and we’ll edit it and get it back right away using your style preferences. All types of proposals are covered.

Creative & Web Content

Powerful marketing text for brochures, ads, posters, websites, e-newsletters, and other creative works. Web writing and editing, website and CMS maintenance and quality control, e-newsletters, and more.


Proofreading lengthy, complex documents for adherence to journalistic standards and styles, setting schedules, managing editors, assigning articles, and consulting with publishers on budgets, marketing, vendors, Web 2.0, and new products. Project management is another area where we excel.

Other Services

Editorial/publication audits, subscriber surveys, proposal and grantwriting, press releases, biosketches, and research.