2011 Remodeling Design Awards

Remodeling Magazine announced its 2011 Remodeling Design Awards, which can be perused using this handy viewing tool. Even if every design isn’t your piece of cake (or doesn’t fit your budget), the awards show how residential and commercial spaces around the country are being re-imagined and how various building trends, such as “green spaces,” are evolving.

The Pedaler Gets Covered

DC’s Peregrine Espresso, of Capitol Hill and now of 14 St. NW, is finally getting attention for its unique spin on coffee service: biking bags of freshly roasted beans to your doorstep.

Each week, the staff who carry out Peregrine’s “Pedaler” program load up their bike box with bags of fresh coffee (whole bean or ground) and then pedal around to make deliveries to subscribers. I pay $50/month for four weekly deliveries of one pound of beans; most weeks, the pound lasts until the next delivery. 

Of course, we often head over to the shop itself to get our espressos and our cappuccinos, treats that Peregrine has yet to figure out how to deliver via two wheels. Still, since I work at home, I love that a new bag of beans will reliably come rain or shine, along with some background about the farmers and growers who cultivate these special beans.

WTOP has more.

Atlantic Reports on the “Shame of College Sports”

I haven’t yet read this lengthy Atlantic article by President Clinton biographer Taylor Branch, “The Shame of College Sports,” but am told it is a truly damning indictment of the college sports system’s history of student exploitation.

From the article summary:

“Here, a leading civil-rights historian makes the case for paying college athletes—and reveals how a spate of lawsuits working their way through the courts could destroy the NCAA.”

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A Few Don’t Miss Fresh Airs

Fresh Air is on a serious roll these days. Here are some recent interviews that I enjoyed, and that you may too.

Actor Aaron Paul talks with Terri about almost getting killed off of “Breaking Bad”. (Can you imagine Walt without Jesse?)

Speaking of Breaking Bad, DC Politics Book-of-the-Moment author Ron Suskind talks about Obama’s early missteps in handling his economic team.